Here honey, my new vibrator! - *clash* - and already the coffee cup falls out of his hand. According to surveys, sex toys enrich the love life of women and men enormously, but the wooden hammer method is not necessarily advisable here (pun not intended). We have collected some tips on how you can start a conversation to tell your partner that you would like to try sex toys.

Try sex toys

Although the subject of sex toys is being tried out - fortunately - more and more openly, it is not easy for all people to apply it in their own partnership. Especially if it has never been talked about before and it is unclear how the other person thinks about it. But you should be aware that sextoys dont develop naturally in your sex life or result from a situation such as your favourite sex position, which has simply been found at some point. You have to exchange ideas and in the best case this can become an exciting foreplay. Some fear that they might scare, intimidate or even insult their partner. Am I not enough for you anymore? Ouch. To avoid giving this impression, there are gentle ways to integrate the vibrating joy donors into the love play. Sex toys are an enrichment for lovemaking and not just a substitute for something that is missing. Sextoys make good things even better. Thats exactly what you should make clear to your partner. So the message is: Sex with you is so great and I cant get enough of it - thats why I want to try even more with you. So you dont get the impression that you are missing it or that your beloved or your loved one alone isnt enough for you or is bad in bed - the opposite is the case: You just want to have more fun with him/her. The best way to address the topic is in a comfortable situation where you are not disturbed or in a hurry. If you dont know at all what your sweethearts opinion of sex toys is yet, you can also go for it through the flower instead of addressing it directly if you lack the courage to do so. If you see erotic advertising together or an erotic film scene that is close to the topic of sex toys, you can ask him/her how he/she would find such a thing. Also erotic literature, a sensual radio play, a picture book or even a single sexy photo can be an introduction. If your partner is not disinclined, you can take the next step and suggest testing something like this yourself. For a start, you dont have to try out a classic sex toy right away, but you can touch yourself with your partner with a massage, for example. Get together a sensual massage candle or a beautiful massage oil with a beguiling scent or a pleasant warming effect and spoil yourself with a relaxing back and neck massage. When a body receives massages, it immediately relaxes and reduces the stress level. In addition, 60 minutes of massage have the same effect on the body as 7 to 8 hours of good sleep. In addition, through touch and massage, a hormone is released that increases sexual desire. Try a vibrating massager or a hot stone massage. You can simply warm up a massage stone and exert gentle pressure on the tension - and familiarize your treasure with little helpers in the bedroom.

Start with a VR dildo

If you have a specific toy or accessory in mind that you would like to try out, you can also buy it beforehand and give it to your partner. For example, for an anniversary or in addition to his/her birthday present - for example: ...and another present is waiting for you at home. Important: Dont give anything complicated, intimidating or anything that he or she might find repulsive. If he suddenly unpacks a tight, lifelike dildo with veins and testicles, the stove could quickly be out. Such a vibrator or dildo can be perceived by men as competition. She, too, may be afraid of such a bullet rather than being turned on.

Toys for the beginning

Instead, how about elegant sex toys from VOU or cute entry-level models from MOQQA? These brands produce sex toys that are ideal for the beginning. They dont look grotesque or unpleasant, but have elegant shapes and bright, feminine colours. There are countless modern and very stylish toys, which at first glance are not even recognizable as sex toys. A great gift for a woman could be a vibrator in the shape of a diamond. Not only beautiful to look at, but also stimulating. If you are a man and would like to be pampered with a toy or surprise your loved one with it, try a Tenga Egg for a stimulating massage of the best piece. The disposable masturbators are small, but good.

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